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We believe that good health is not just absence of diseases but also mental and physical
well being and tuning the body.  

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Welcome to Ankur Health

At Ankur Health, we do our best to help our patients reach their health care goals safely and effectively. We use modern diagnostic equipment to analyze nutritional status, toxic loading of the body, emotional states, musculo-skeletal status, bioenergetic blockages and much more.

Alternative medicine works on all levels – body, mind and spirit and uses various modalities to conquer health issues. We are dedicated to the individual needs of each patient including traditional conventional medicine, naturopathic medicine and holistic alternatives. Our educated doctors are dedicated to helping our patients get their lives back.


Meet our Practitioner

Mahesh Kulkarni

Mahesh Kulkarni

Hr. Mahesh Kulkarni is a leading acupuncturist in Nashik and has cured hundreds of patients in and around Nashik.

How Ankur Started

Opening a new door for Ankur health-acupuncture clinic by my father (BABA) my Guru DR.B.R. Kulkarni and more…

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